NPER is a project that solves the problem and stereotypes in Intellectual Property industry. It will project the right of the creators, and provide a new business model.
NPER is a project that allows creators to take legitimate rights by defeating the unusual copyright industry structure that takes away the legitimate rights of creators. It will build a blockchain main network to innovate the copyright industry, and challenge on various possibilities. This project also presents a new business model for investing in the enormous IP industry. We will create a "digital asset" called "NPER COIN" that can be invested by everyone after purchasing the 'rights' of various categories of intellectual property rights.

    Pioneering the new intellectual property market system for the first time

  • Lucrative

    Making stable profits with royalites from the intellectual property

  • Sustainable

    Infinite potential to extend the business within the intellectual property industry

  • Easy investment

    Opening the possibility to everyone with the blockchain technology

  • 1. Steadily growing value

    New intellectual property rights continue to accumulate in the NPER coin, which increases the royalties and coin value that coin Holder’s will gain. This is returned to the coin holders' profits.

  • 2. Stability against hacking

    Intellectual property holdings and NPER coin transaction history are stored on the blockchain network. This does not just mean simply stacking the transactions, but it also means trading transactions are connected and managed into one encrypted block.

  • 3. Transparency

    It is possible to prove share calculation and the compensation based on the NPER coin holding amount are carried out transparently. Record all data in the blockchain to prove the process.


NPER makes a new paradigm with Blockchain


    GLOBAL IP Network
    Terminate Big Broker
    P2P Direct Matching
    NPER Payment solution
    Protect Creator's right



    Smart Contract
    Redistribute IP Profits
    No Trust with each other
    Transparency Record
    POS Node with Mainnet



    Digitalized Asset
    Transfrom IP into NPER COIN
    Distributed IP Ownership
    Accumulate Royalties in NPER COIN
    Make a new way to invest in IP



    Community members evaluate the IP
    Community Consensus Algorithm
    Community member's Voting System
    Find undervalued IP in Community
    support poor creators


Business Model
Technical Model
  • MOU with BitBank

    Cooperation with Chainus




    Testnet Deployment

    NPER Token Issuing

  • Crowdsale

    Listing of NPER on exchange

    NPER copyright Consortium Open



    DAPP WEB/IOS/Android Prototype


    NPER Wallet Prototype

  • Purchase first Intellectual Property

    NPER Copyright Consortium Artists Join

    Nper Copyright Consortium First Conference



    DAPP WEB/IOS/Android Prototype

    NPER Wallet Beta open

    NPER IP ROI Dashboard Prototype open

  • Distribute First Royalty to NPER Holders

    NPER IP rate of return DashBoard open

    Extend Business Model Based on First IP



    DAPP Release

    Wallet Open

    Mainnet Prototype Opening

    Peer to Peer IP Trade platform

    Beta open base On DAPP

Our team
  • Daniel Nam

    CEO, Co-founder

    As a general manager and operational planner, he has accumulated project planning and operating experience at Hyundai Motor Group. He was the youngest Entrepreneruship DIvision leader in multinational NGOs, and also contributed to the founding of thrid-country and developing country town enterprises. He also has a global work experience at Tecnológico de Monterrey for international affairs.

  • Mike Lee

    CTO & Software Engineer

    He participated in the develop-ment of related services such as large-volume data collection, data reporting with NEXTEL New Media Research Institute and WEB-International as gover nmental businesses. He will lead the NPER project successfully based on the devel opment know-how gained throu gh building and providing various solutions for more than 20 years

  • Johnny Lee

    CMO, Co-founder

    As a marketing planner and cop ywriter, he had marketing exper ience with LOTTE Group and Japanese subsidiary company of Dentsu and did planning in IBK Industrial Bank, Daewoo Securities, Samsung Life Insur ance, Gucci, etc. He is planning and managing the social match ing services, SNS channel with 1 million fans, and vertical com munity service with 500,000 users.

  • Ryan Kim

    COO, Co-founder

    He is the service planner and general manager of the project. He majored in Germanistik and business administration at Univ ersity and worked at securities firm to develop sales and invest ment planning ability. In 2012, he introduced the talent donati on project, which was an unfa miliar concept in Korea, and rec eived the attention of the media and received a congratulatory speech from the Minister of Health and Welfare.

  • Jason Lee

    Software engineer

    He participated in the impleme ntation of Tizen OS algorithms at Samsung. He has worked on Samsung Software Center and has accumulated various artificial intelligence and platfo rm development experiences. At Korea Electronics Technolo gy Institute (KETI) he invented the image signal processing al gorithm. He always has partici pated in various projects to solve real life problems by software.

  • Alex Park

    Block Chain Core Developer

    He participated in DB Security and Hadoop security project at Samsung Software Center Secu rity Lab. also have experienced numerous security issues and distributed server DB building through many web projects for 10 years. Currently, constructing a number of cryptocurrency no des such as bitcoin, ethereum, and lightcoin, and developing the exchange. He is responsible for the development of smart contracts and will lead the cons truction of the main network of the project.

  • Henry Kang

    Full-stack Developer

    He has developed a web front & back-end service with more than 100,000 hardware nodes at Samsung Electronics and earned a professional grade in algorithms. He also joined Water Bear Software as a foun ding member. Then he studied hardware communication technology such as ZIGBEE and BLE at Korea Electronic Compo nents Research Institute (KETI). He also joined ‘Buildit’ as a CTO, leaded the web and app develo pment of the company as a whole.

  • Hanna Kang

    Creative Director

    She is observing customers and discovering value, integrating them into services, and deliver-ing them to customers through media. She has worked for an IT consulting firm, analyzing custo mer experiences in a variety of banking, insurance, and capital markets, and incorporating them into strategy and service design. She is a visiting columnist at the Economic Research Institute

  • Heemyung Park

    Communication & Marketer

    She is a communicator and a marketer. She can speak fluent English and German as she majored in German language & literature, and psychology. With her enthusiasm on arts and history, she has experience in planning and guiding at museum education research center and Europe museum tour programs. Also, she has experienced winning a grand prize for enterprise analysis competition.

  • Hanjoo Bae

    Communication & Marketer

    She is in charge of marketing and customer service of NPER project. She also acts as an official communicator. She can speak over three languages with native level as she majored in French literature at Chung-Ang University and has long experience in studying abroad. She has operating & planning experience on managing various cultural contents such as French creative musicals and global magazine contents. She is currently handling community and service management based on those practical work experiences.

  • Steve Han

    Blockchain specialist

    As an e-sports expert, he conducted e-sports events as a partner for Samsung Electronics at World Cyber Games. He also created and operated the Starcraft Hexatron professional game team, which includes Guillaume Patry and Bertrand Grospellier. Afterwards, he started working as a M&A specialist and has accomplished several large M&A deals with listed companies in KOSDAQ. Currently, he is the CEO of BRP, a blockchain investment company specializing in the 4th Industrial Revolution. He is currently an advisor for Centra project.

  • Dongsuk Shin

    Venture capitalist

    He was previously an Asia Investment Partner at Formation Group. He led investments in a variety of industries including big data, and entertainment. He served as an investment professional at Softbank Ventures Korea, a venture capital subsidiary of Softbank Corp., focusing on startups and growth stage companies in e-commerce, digital content and other technology sectors. He was co- founder and CTO of NodeNIC in South Korea. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Seoul National University in South Korea.

  • David Drake

    Chairman of LDJ Capital, and Crypto Investor

    David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in various funds worldwide with over $1.5 trillion in assets, and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. More recently,he is also seen as a leader in cryptocurrency. In 2011 he collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs. His crypto hedge funds hold crypto, ICOs and fintech equity as seed investments to help new coin to be made via ICOs. His company also offers bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s.

  • David Mercurio

    BASEL Project
    Former European Central Bank

    He has extensive experience with data analytics and data warehousing in the Finance and Gambling sectors of Scandinavia and northern Europe. He participated in the BASEL projects in cooperation with the European Central Bank and financial reporting with national financial ministries. The BASEL accords are a set of recommendations for regulations for the banking industry within the European Union. Also He participated in setting up finance system for Swedish space corporation.

  • Kyle Donnelly

    Software Engineer

    He is a software engineer building new ways for people to engage with music, form communities, and express their own creativity. Empowering artists while connecting them with fans is the driving goal for his work. His work history includes Smule, Storm8, and Microsoft.

  • Sungchun Lim

    Intellectual Property M&A

    He participated in legal disputes and copyright distribution as a team leader of intellectual property rights team at law firms. Currently, he is managing an agency for transferring copyrights and doing M&A related businesses with content companies. For the first time in Korea, He succeded in transferring the copyright of Korean famous singer Kim Hyun Sik to a Japanese company. He is researching on importance of coping with unfair practices in the copyright industry.

  • Wonhee Cho

    Lawyer & Patent Attorney

    He litigates and advises on technology and entertainment area in the BKL law firm. He is currently a lecturer on the field of intellectual property law as an adjunct professor at the KIAST Graduate School of Intellectual Property at D’light. Also, he has been doing lectures on intellectual property trading at Korean lawyers 'associations and Korean patent attorneys' associations. He is also a visiting columnist for ICO and cryptocurrency at Seoul Economic Daily.

  • Eunjin Lee


    She graduated from Yonsei University with the highest degree in psychology and graduated from Seoul National University with a law degree. She has been involved in a various legal advice and litigation services for entertainment-related clients and startup businesses. Based on the acting experience in her career, she has more expertise in the field of entertainment.

  • Jinwoo Ro

    Tokenologic Business Designer

    He worked as a user experience researcher at Samsung Electronics with numerous UX researches and designing. Currently he is participating as a special cryptocurrency specialist in Asia's economic TV program. He mainly discusses and analyzes on business sector and development sector. He also researches on token economics and analyzes on various kinds of token designing. He is also a service CEO of the trusted token advanced-purchase service, Tokenbank.

  • Sean Koh

    Head of Asia & America Entertainment

    He is an expert in cross-border transactions in finance, technology, entertainment and other various industries. Structuring various private equity and project financing deals with leading global institutions under his family office, Koherent Incorporated, he has worked on sourcing investments amounting to billions of US dollars. He manages and produces some of the top global artists and his companies worked with top artists such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Jessica Jung, among others.

  • Steve Park

    Blockchain specialist

    He is an advisory board member of the Korea Blockchain Association. He is the founder and CEO of a smart mobility service “Callbus” and was also a blockchain-specialized journalist at the Hankyung newspaper. He interviewed blockchain leaders such as Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum founder and Winklevoss brothers, the initial investors on Bitcoin. He received a special prize for covering Korea's first Bitcoin payment store. Recently he is writing a column on the blockchain at the JoongAng and Hankyung newspapers.