Aptos Coin Review | Raises $350M (SOLANA KILLER)

What is Aptos?

To achieve our goal of providing the world with the safest and most production-ready blockchain, Aptos is a brand-new, autonomous initiative.

While blockchains have advanced considerably, it is undeniable that there are still many risks and uncertainties present. Because dependability, safety, and usability cannot be taken for granted, the decentralisation movement finds it difficult to reach escape velocity. All together, these issues prevent adoption, from the typical person to the biggest corporations in the world. It is necessary to create a brand-new Layer 1 blockchain with the goal of resolving these issues. Absolute safety, extendable scalability, and credible neutrality were prioritised in the creation of Aptos since these are concepts that we both intellectually and experientially comprehend.

Funds Raised by Aptos Labs Crypto

First-layer blockchain According to a news statement, FTX Ventures, the venture capital arm of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and Jump Crypto led a $150 million Series A fundraising round for Aptos Labs, which is made up of former workers of Facebook parent company Meta Platforms. According to the startup, the round featured investments from a number of cryptocurrency companies, including Circle Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz.
In January, Diem, the cryptocurrency division of Meta, formally ended its stablecoin project in the face of heavy regulatory scrutiny. To build the “safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world,” Aptos Labs announced plans to revive the Diem blockchain in February.

This year, Aptos Labs has now raised $350 million to use for its technology and the Move programming language.

According to Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos, “We’ve known for a while that, due to concerns like outages and downtime, current blockchains are not fit for purpose when it comes to mainstream Web3 adoption.” “That’s why we’re creating a blockchain to serve as the dependable framework for Web3 that welcomes people from all around the world to experience the advantages of decentralisation,” the statement continued. The funding will be put to use by Aptos to support project development. “Scalability, safety, and usability must come first if blockchain technology is to be adopted by the next billion people. In fact, Aptos does this “said Ramnik Arora.

Aptos Coin Team

Our whole staff has devoted their lives to designing and deploying systems at scale, and we have years of experience. One of the top experts in the world at creating distributed systems and scaling them for countless people is my cofounder, Avery Ching. Other members of the Aptos founding team include Alden Hu, Alin Tomescu, David Wolinsky, Greg Nazario, Jake Skinner, Josh Lind, Max Kaplan, Mo Ahmed, Neil Harounian, Rati Gelashivili, Rustie Lin, Sasha Spiegelman, Sherry Xiao, Sital Kedia, and Zekun Li. They all hold PhDs and are researchers, engineers, designers, and strategists.

What is Aptos Mission and Vision?

Our goal is to give billions of people equitable access to decentralised resources. The web3 stack is extensive and rich, encompassing everything from wallets to decentralised applications to smart contract platforms, developer infrastructure, and tooling. We anticipate developing and collaborating with ecosystem players throughout the upcoming years to enhance the overall area. Working with a decentralised community to develop a secure, scalable, and upgradeable smart contract platform is the first step in the Aptos journey.

Aptos Token Sale | Crypto

Currently where is no information on Aptos coin token sale. As soon as it is made available we will update this article.

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