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GetKicks IDO / ICO Review + Price Prediction 2023

GetKicks is creating the first blockchain-based game with collectible sneakers.  GetKicks seeks to investigate the special opportunities for fusing blockchain technology with sneaker collecting. In this article, we’re going to review GetKicks ICO and come to a conclusion if it is a good project to invest it. 

What is GetKicks?

By turning sneaker collecting into a blockchain-based game, GetKicks will capitalise on the excitement of the hobby and draw in a completely new audience. GetKicks will introduce crypto fans to the world of footwear by providing a gateway for sneakerheads into Web 3. 

Tokens that provide advantages to players will power the game. To acquire tickets, one must advance through the game and rule the leaderboards.

Marathons in GetKicks

Marathon competitions are yet another essential part of our project. By competing against one another, gamers can earn tokens, Kicks, and Kickboxes here. One must battle against other players and rise to the top of the leaderboard in order to win the marathon events. Another element that will be added to this game is PvP mode. Players will be given the option to compete against one another in this feature. Additionally, players have the option to wager their tokens live against one another. Players also have the chance to earn rewards particular to this play mode by finishing PvP tournaments on time.

Kicks NFT Token Utility

Holders of Kick NFT will get access to the best tools available. By updating their kicks to the newest versions, players can level them up and gain access to new benefits. For instance, gamers can add accessories to their kicks to improve their stats or rent their kicks for a specified amount of days. There will be a market area in the game where you can buy and sell accessories. Additionally, you can use these accessories to raise your Kick’s stats.

GetKicks IDO / ICO Details

Token Information

Ticker: KICK
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP 20
Token price in USD: 1 KICK = 0.004 USD

Team Members


IDO (Babylons Launchpad): Aug 15, 2022 – Aug 15, 2022
IDO (BlokPad Launchpad): TBA – TBA
IDO (Synapse Network Launchpad): Jun 11, 2022 – Jun 12, 2022
IDO (Daomaker Launchpad): Oct 10, 2022 – Oct 10, 2022
IDO (Lithium Launchpad): May 10, 2022 – May 10, 2022
IDO (Enjinstarter Launchpad): May 30, 2022 – Jun 07, 2022
Token supply: 5,000,000,000 KICK
Total tokens for sale: 43,750,000 KICK
Hard cap: 4,250,000 USD

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