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TRND Bot Review | Is It A Scam? User Review 2022

Trading bots like TRND Bot leverages the new era of currency exchanges defined by cryptocurrencies. As more people become aware of its possibilities, they become more eager to engage in regular trading and hence using trading bot software.

However, it’s simpler said than done. The majority of individuals have little to no knowledge about which exchanges they should invest in and are unaware of the mechanics of profitable deals. Free crypto trading bots like BitIQ, Crypto Nation and Ethereum trader have been used to address this issue. They offer sophisticated settings for power users in addition to an organized path for newbies.

trnd bot

Today in our article we will be sharing an in-depth TRND Bot review. Should you be investing your money into this platform? Keep on reading to find the answer!

TRND Bot Review

TRND Bot is a potent algorithm that hooks into your charts and links to private data to alert you when to buy or sell in any market and at any timeframe.

It was created for traders to address the issue of employing an excessive number of charts, lines, and indicators, which causes confusion. Additionally, it offers Discord, SMS, or push notifications for real-time alerts on any stock, FX, or cryptocurrency ticker in any timeframe.

TRND Bot Features

Simple to Use

To offer the most precise purchase and sell points, TRND Bot is connected to private live data. Other tools like auto trendlines, volatility indicators, automated support & resistance lines, exit notifications, and more are also provided by TRND.

Any Market

TRND operates whenever and on any market. This covers equities, cryptocurrencies, fiat money, futures, options, and more. Once a candle closes, signals occur instantly, and TRND never repaints signals.

TRND Oscillator

You can analyze your trade’s momentum and identify frequent and hidden momentum fluctuations by using other instruments, such as the TRND Oscillator. Combining TRND Oscillator with TRND Bot will produce the most profitable outcomes, so go green.

TRND Bot Reviews

TRND Bot is rated 3.6 on trust pilot and 72/100 on scam advisor. From the surface, it looks like that tool is good to use. However, after digging deep into the reviews, we found that the tool is suitable for beginner to intermediate traders. However, it doesn’t add much value for experienced traders. Let’s look at some positive and negative reviews

Positive Reviews

Today completes the first week of using TRND. I’m super excited about my results. At first I started off a little rocky, but it was my mind set and just learning to trust the program. Once I cleared my mind of doubt, oh man it was amazing! The Discord group is amazing and the members are friendly and very helpful! I’m actually looking forward to a prosperous future!! Thank you to all involved with this amazing tool!!

Chad Weekley

TRND is a constantly evolving system that helps eliminate the noise often found in the markets. The developers have successfully combined various strategies and tools into one simple-to-use indicator. With a bit of logic and patience, TRND can help take your win rate to the next level.

With your TRND subscription comes access to the private Discord server. I’ve never before seen such camaraderie and support from all the members. The Admins and VIPs are always on hand to share their expertise with all members. The collective knowledge shared throughout the day helps make even the most novice trader feel like a pro.

Keep up the great work.

Sam Haddad

Well, talk about a friendly community. Firstly, the Algo on TradingView is a necessity, can’t trade without it anymore. If you get the TRND and the Oscillator it’s almost impossible to make a bad trade. And the leader of the server, Skillet981, is basically a stock GURU and one of the nicest and most humble traders I have ever had the chance to speak to.

Ethan Labi MD

Negative Reviews

guys pls don’t waste money on this you can find this Kinna same buy and sell signals indicator for free…. and sell signal is not accurate lots of time

dharam desai

Be aware! I paid for a full month and cancelled my subscription 10 days later. My access was revoked right away. Most honest companies, if TRND Bot can be called a company, still will give you the whole month, what you actually paid for. To be fair, this seems to be the case with at least some TradingView paid indicators. TRND Bot has no support and allows no comments on at least one YouTube video. Both red flags that, at a minimum, indicate lack of commitment.

Tom Man

I am OK that after you pay, they give you access to the indicator.
BUT after 1 month I wanted to cancel subscription and I couldn’t find a way. There is no immediate support, my subscription got cancelled 1 week after my first request. That’s inacceptable.
Plus their indicator is not the best in market, it is a normal indicator that you can find a similar one for free from LazyBear.

Hammami Wassim


The number of positive reviews outweigh the number of negative reviews. Currently, the cost for TRND Bot is $78. If it is not a big amount for you then I’d recommend you to experiment with the purchase. After completing this TRND Bot review, I’d say this is not financial advice, please do your own diligence.

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